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Greetings From KAARI President


I am Wonkyung Cho, the Korean American Association of Rhode Island (KAARI) President 2020-2021. I want to tell you some of the goals our leadership team has set forth moving forward.

In addition to our regular annual events, we plan further to promote Korean culture to the Rhode Island communities. With grants from Rhode Island Expansion Art Program (RI-EAP) and the RI State Council on the Art (RISCA), the KAARI Cultural Committee will be actively organizing various events featuring traditional Korean dance, music and performing arts. We are also planning joint performances with a Hispanic community team to build intercultural connections between our communities.

For the KAARI to develop further in the years to come, our community members must be active and participatory. I will do my best to foster the next generation's growth, first by recruiting and then by serving and engaging them. I would be grateful for your active participation in KAARI events and activities. Please bring your children or non-members of KAARI to be introduced and welcomed.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you around.

Wonkyung Cho

36th KAARI President